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A Tragedy, Oak Trees and Habitat Loss

In this time of climate crisis, habitat loss is coming at an accelerated rate. Between the weather heating up our temperatures, and the state of Maine DOT taking out as many oak trees as they can in the 5 mile section between Bath and Brunswick on RTE 1 it’s a tragedy.

People are talking in many forward thinking countries about planting trees but here in Bath, Maine we just rip them out willy-nilly, taking away habitat. No one bats an eye. What the heck is going on?

I have heard it’s because there’s too much ice on the road. Well if that’s the reason maybe we should denude the entire state because we are a state of trees.

This is dumb and a tragedy. We CANNOT afford to take away habitat, use poisons or have nitrogen and fertilizer runoff in our streams rivers and lakes.

Open your eyes, make some noise and let's change how things have be done so we simply can live.

The massive insect extinction is due to humankind disrespect for our living planet and our constant quest for processed foods, meats and a bug free lawn.

These changes can be made with a modicum of effort on your part.

Are you FOR your fellow humans, birdies, bugs, bees, trees, flowers, clean air and clean water? Now is the time to make changes and talk to your friends. This is accelerating at an alarming rate.

Be the change you want to see, step up, and fall in love with the idea of humans continuing for generations to come on this very strange rock we call Earth.

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