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Cool clear water. Sounds refreshing on a hot summer day doesn't it? Pools and water sources in gardens are an age old tradition. Back in the days of Cloisters, Monasteries and walled gardens a water source in the center of the Herb/Vegetable and Medicinal garden was the style of the day. Towns had water cisterns for drinking, bathing and washing. Public water sources and features gave way to private oasis' in peoples home gardens.

Flash to water features today. Most gardens have at least a birdbath. Water in the garden even a small still birdbath can bring a moment of grace and contemplation and the birdies get to enjoy it in their own joyous fashion. Fountains are the next feature that no garden should be without. The sound of water can create a mood of tranquility and harmony. Another plus is this, the sound will mask traffic and oth

Pools to swim and refresh have become very popular especially in warmer areas of the country. (The south and the west.) Pools bring the water element in to the garden wh

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