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Studio Alchemy

kdb Dominguez

Gardener/ / Artist/ Earthworker

&Curious Naturalist

PO Box 331

Phippsburg, Me.



Philosophy: Imagine a garden without poisons, chemicals or plants that are not native. Re-wilding your garden is an adventure that will take you places you never knew could exist. Changing your garden over to a natural habitat, will attract Bees, Birds, Butterflies and a host of other living things. You will spend very little money on landscape maintenance, mowers, blowers and chemicals. You also will have more time with your family, to go out and explore nature. Sounds perfect? Come to a workshop or schedule a conversation/consultation.


Environmental Habitats: An integrated space surrounding our dwellings.

We are a part of this mix and our world would be a healthier place if we all took responsibility for being a better citizen of this planet. I believe this approach is an easy lifestyle to adopt. Planting for your exact zone, (what lived there before folks came in and planted foreign trees, bushes and flowers?) I have become fascinated with the fact that all of our native Plants and Trees have relationships with our native bugs, insects and birds. No Joke. Think about this an Oak Tree can support 535 Species, but a Gingko Tree only supports 5 species. Planting Trees and Ornamentals that are not native is not good for our local birds, bugs or insects. Did you know that caterpillars are the only food for baby birds. No caterpillars, no birdies.

A perfect world has the balance of everything. If we incorporate this mindfulness when designing our outdoor spaces, we are changing the world. No lawn chemicals are flowing down the drain to the streams, rivers then into the sea. There are alternatives to a lawn-like green space, that needs very little care and water. Thinking differently is a brave and wonderful experience and when we lead by example, it makes all the difference. 


Gardens/Exterior: Outside green is easy. Organic, or chemical free is the first step. Material and planting choices is the second. Consider your lawn. It takes so much to have one. We have to water it to keep it green. We mow it to keep it short, we have to get rid of the grass cuttings, they typically go to a landfill, and take up more space while they are composting. So think about other things you could do with that piece of land. How about considering a courtyard with large pieces of stone, brick or even gravel. Maybe a add fountain or a pergola planted with grapes and a dining table for entertaining and having supper. You could put in a reflecting pool or for the same amount of water you could have an amazing organic vegetable garden or a small orchard of fruit trees. Yes, the possibilities are amazing.

Going green is easy it is all about the choices we make.
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