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Blue Ceilings, a Little Closer to Heaven? Maybe....

Blue ceilings have quite a history. If you are from the South in the Low Country, you would call the color blue painted on a porch ceiling "Haint Blue" because it is said to ward off evil spirits and keep hags away. In other parts of the South folks believe that typical shades of Porch Blue actually keep bugs away. I spent a few hours researching both of these claims and I can report that both are in the "Romantic Old Wives Tale" genre. However I also know that folks paint their ceilings blue to bring in nature, emulate the sky or to create a heavenly or celestial mood when the look towards the heavens in their homes. I myself find it calming and soothing to look up and gaze upon Blue. No matter what the reason Blue Ceilings are more popular now than ever. Every day folks are choosing different shades of Blue for the ceilings of their porches as well as inside their homes.

At "Fantastic House by the Sea" where I am staying this week. Most of the interior ceilings are various shades of blue. It is amazing because it actually brings in a deeper color reflection of the sea that is so much a part of this home. I have noticed that the blue changes with the light and can be vibrant or quietly reflective depending upon the time of day. The suite where I have been staying is painted a dusty shaded down Blue. The room is very relaxing and soothing to be in. The ceiling is a few shades darker. I remark upon this because typically it would have been painted lighter not darker. It works and it works well. The color schematic in this house was inspired by the sand and the sea. Two colors in nature that are complimentary, calming and a tried and true classic.

If you are thinking of painting your ceilings Blue, inside or out consider a few things. Try to be subtle, use a paler shade of blue, not too dark, bright or verbose. Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams both have knowledgeable color Technicians who can help you to choose the right shade that will work with the predominate color way of your home. Have fun and really trust that blue CAN work for you.

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