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Native Nurseries...

Save time, Money and our Precious Planet.

Now is the time to vote with your dollars and your values. We have been "marketed" the idea of perfect bug and weed free landscapes. Let us make a difference and go back to gardening in harmony with the earth. It is easy, you will save money, your pets and children will not be exposed to chemicals and poisons and you will have time to enjoy your outdoor, environmental habitat. Sharing our space with all living things can be most rewording.

A garden filled with Birds, Butterflies and bugs is a sign of happiness and harmony. Lead by example, today is the day!!

Shady Glen Nursery

10 Kendall Lane
Freeport, ME 04032

As a young designer I went to England and researched historic gardens, plantings and the architecture of these great gardens. It was magical exploring plant choices and possibilities all in one place! Shady Glen Nursery reminds me of of an English Nursery Garden.

The owners Bill and Jerri Stone are passionate plantsmen and lovers of nature and the natural world. A conversation with them is worth

the visit. The demonstration gardens are an inspiration. They carry many varieties of Native and pollinator plants for sun and for shade! 

ODonals Nursery

6 County Road
Gorham, ME 04038

This is a delightful nursery. It is a hybrid of Conventional with a large focus on Natives and Pollinators. Experienced and knowledgeable staff make this my go to Nursery for larger hedge and tree material. They have an amazing selection of Sedums and other interesting low maintenance plants that are great in the garden and have a relationship with our native bugs, birds and butterflies. 

Allen, Stribling and Lothrap

191 US Route 1
Falmouth, ME04105

This sweet nursery got their start in 1911 selling seeds to farmers, they now have a beautiful nursery with a selection of Pollinator and Native Plants. They have organic mulches and amendments and I love their Maine Perennial Seed Mix. They have some cool tools too! 

Campo di Fiore

212 Fisher Rd,

Bowdoinham, ME 04008
(207) 666-8419

This is a nuts and bolts nursery. Andrew Fiore has curated quite a collection of Maine native plants, some more rare than others, all grown with love and great care. Andrew is a wellspring of knowledge. Call before you drive out to the country, just to make sure he is there!


Coast of Maine Seaweed and Composted Mulch

great for placing at the base of trees and larger shrubs, after you have casted a bit of Plantone and Kelp Meal. It protects the soil from the spring and autumn swings in temperature and also feeds with every watering and rainstorm. 

>Espoma/Soil Acidifier 

We use this for weed abatement in areas with gravel and pavers. It turns the soil to a PH 5, only moss will grow. This sour soil kills weeds and grass. Cast about like seeding a field!

>Espoma/Plantone, every spring for our flowering pollinator Plants, cast into garden before a rainy day or water in after you applying.

>Espoma /Kelp Meal, Cast with Plantone for a full spectrum food, Kelp Meal provides minerals and nitrogen to our flowering plants. 

Note: I mix the Kelp Meal and Plantone in a bucket and cast into the garden together. Then I water or wait for the incoming rain~

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