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ReWILD your Garden with Pollinator and Native plantings.
You will fall in love with our magical planet and all living things.
You really can make a difference. Do it today~
Do you want a wild garden and are not sure where to begin?
Start by observing nature, take a walk in your local preserve.
This will open your eyes if you are looking. With native and pollinator plants you can bring those Bees, Butterflies and Birdies to your garden in no time. It is all about habitat and the community of plants populating your garden. In short, mow less and share your garden with our winged wonders. You will be gifted with hours of fluttering activity in the garden.        Consultations available. 207-653-9334

ReWILD is a word that I use, why? 

Because that’s what we need to do as a society. We need to let the fireflies and all other insects, bugs and birds live in our gardens.

All summer long we mow our lawns with efficiency. We make sure nothing that is living or any part of the lawn that could be habitat for our insects, is left behind. We need to be more relaxed when it comes to mowing and our gardens.

Did you know that if you mowed once a month or less with your mower on a higher setting you would enable a lawn of Fireflies glowing and making firefly love on those sultry summer nights in June and July. They’re nocturnal, and during the day they spend most of their time on the ground. At night, they crawl to the tops of blades of grass and fly into tree branches to signal for mates. Long grass conceals the fireflies and allows them a better vantage point for signaling at night, and over-mowing your lawn will disturb your firefly population. These dear insects beetles actually, live near ponds, streams, marshes, rivers and lakes, but they don’t need a lot of water to get by. Vernal pools and small depressions that hold water during firefly mating season can all provide the habitat fireflies need. Most firefly species live at the margins where forest or field meet water.


Native/Rewild Gardens...

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Interior and Garden Design
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kdb Dominguez
Environmental Habitats, designed for your exact micro climate, using a palette of Native and pollinator plants that thrive in your specific region. Being thoughtful about your needs and the needs of the Birds, Butterflies and bugs that will be sharing the garden with you and your family. Consultation, Perennial & Native and Drought Tolerant Gardens, Edible, Shade & Natural Gardens, Eco-Style. Pots & Garden Art, Sculpture Selection and Placement,  Outdoor Rooms, Courtyards, Pergolas/Arbors/Fencing & Trelliage. Ponds, Water Fountains, Outdoor Lighting & Furnishings.

      kdb Studio Alchemy

DESIGN SERVICES: The approach is simple. Active listening. What do you need? What is your desired outcome?

What is your time frame and budget? Now, how to help you? Easy, by providing a service that is tailored to your exact needs. Whether you are looking for inside or outside, design and/or facilitation we can help Your Home and Garden have a direct relationship. Consider this,

the views from your windows become part of the room you are in, making sure it all works together as a cohesive whole is an important element of indoor/outdoor design. By looking very carefully at the axis points created from the windows of key rooms it is a terrific opportunity to create gardens, sitting areas, entertaining spaces and water sources such as fountains, reflecting pools and ponds and swimming pools. This approach is not only enjoyed outside but integrates with the interior rooms of your home.

Gardens: We explore what you have, always trying to keep as many of the mature plantings as we possibly can. All of the gardens created are  Eco-Friendly and Organic. Considering your particular microclimate, your borrowed views and your specific wants, needs and budget. Always encouraging expanding your square foot living space by creating outdoor living/entertaining areas is another piece to the overall design. It is important to use every square foot of your property to your advantage. Going inside your home to look at the views into the garden from the all of the rooms is key. Paying particularly close attention to your major and most important windows.

Considering how the garden will incorporate into your interior living spaces. We then put pencil to paper and the process begins. 

Interior: It is important to incorporate key pieces that you love, colors that speak to you and an environment that feels like home, to you.

We then can help you to vision your home, room by room keeping in mind that each room is connected to the next.  If you are looking for design advice and color consultation, that is usually handled in a consultation.

Pollinator Garden Design
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